Friday, May 06, 2005

Paradise Found ~ OCEANA

Imagine the cool ocean breeze wrapping around you as you gaze at the lights of a cruise ship fading into a golden sunset. Waves softly roll on shore just a few yards from your table, the scent of the sea fills the air. Melodic tones of a piano echo the smooth sounds of ~ As Time Goes By, Casablanca fans spin overhead. A waitress arrives with a smile and delivers two Ketel One martinis, up, with three olives, (olive stuffed with blue cheese) you smile, lift your glass in a toast ~

Welcome to paradise ~ welcome to

A brief history of this unique location tells you this is a very special place. Perched on the
Pointe at Villa Olga this colorful island building was the one time home to the Russian Consul on St. Thomas. Needless to say this building is steeped in island history. After the Russians moved on this extraordinary island structure was converted into a restaurant. Initially it was home to the world famous Chart House restaurant group. After many years of success the Chart House was unfortunately battered by hurricane Maryland. After assessing the damages Maryland had caused to the island in general the Chart House decided to permanently retreat back to the mainland.

The restaurant was then taken over by a local entrepreneur and converted into the
Pointe Restaurant at Villa Olga. Featuring traditional American Cuisine the Pointe was well known for a bountiful Salad Bar and the ever famous Mud Pie dessert.

In 2003 I was fortunate to hired as a consultant for the Pointe Restaurant. After a great deal of analysis it became obvious this site needed new energy. The ownership agreed ~ and to a trumpets blare ~ enter,
Chef, Patricia LaCorte.

When a chef relocates it is always big news ~ when it happens on a small Caribbean islands it is a major headline. Patricia is one of the most famous and successful chefs in the Caribbean. Chef, LaCorte has called this paradise home for many, many years. Utilizing her local knowledge and expertise as one of the premiere chefs on the islands ~ in late 2004 Patricia created Oceana.

Chef LaCorte’s concept incorporated a beautiful island wine bar, gourmet tasting table, martini menu and award winning international cuisine and placed it all on the shores of Paradise found ~ Oceana on the waters edge at Villa Olga.

I’ll have another Ketel One martini please ~ as I look over Patricia’s award winning
menu. Ahhh the Brie, one of my favorites ~ now which of the specials do I have a taste for?

The tolling of a bell distracts me as a huge freighter glides passed our table heading out to sea ~ a full moon lights her way. Should I have the tasting or share appetizer ~ decisions ~ decisions ~ decisions ….

Just another night in

If you visit Patricia please tell her I said hello. It will be a dining experience you will not soon forget.


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